Muharram 1439/2017

Aye Chand Karbala Kay, Tu Ne Toh Dekhay Hongay, Utaray Thay Iss Zameen Par, Arshay Bari Kay Taray ~ Sibte Jafar Muharram is the first month of the Islamic calendar. However, for Shias around the world it holds a lot more significance as they remember the Tragedy of Karbala Each year in the beginning of Muharram, … More Muharram 1439/2017


                                                                                                              … More Zindagi

Dear Readers, I am sorry for promising to post often and then end up not keeping it. I have been trying to get many things done this summer that I won’t otherwise get time to do in the school year. I have recently been travelling to local tourist attractions in my area and I must … More