“Every positive thought is a silent prayer, which will change your life”


One of the biggest blessings and a life-changing action is to start having positive thoughts. Although, “think positively” is an overused statement, but it does hold quite a meaning to it and for those who understand it, benefit from it.

It is like a domino effect, when you have one positive thought, you eventually start cultivating it in your mind and heart, and without you even realizing, it eventually becomes a habit. A key thing to achieve optimism is to be thankful, have gratitude and hope for the best under any circumstances.

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1 thought on “Optimism

  1. Your words are really beautiful! Optimism and karma are so related. Life is so beautiful and happy when you have positive thoughts. Your body starts reacting to the positiveness you feel the change you feel blessed and happy..each cell in your body responds positively. Optimism can bless you so much positively that even no can imagine other than the people practicing it properly

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