What are some Pakistani Things?

So I decided to make a blog post about some Pakistani things and of course some that I really miss :’)

  • Having Chai after breakfast, lunch and dinner. Oh did I mention for snacks as well?
  • Backyard cricket and street cricket every evening and cricket after every Iftar in Ramzan. (Breaking windows and getting yelled at for it is definitely a bonus.)
  • The most common excuse in school “sir/madam, homework karliya bas copy lana bhool gayi/gaya” (I did the homework, just forgot to bring it).
  • (Primary and elementary school memories) … When the teacher makes you a chicken in front of the entire class
  • Obsession with Pakistani and Indian dramas (#IPKKNDfanforever)
  • Obsession with Whatsapp and Facebook…. All those forwarded whatsapp text uggghhhh
  • Me: “Mom can I go out with my friends”

Mom: “Go ask your dad”

Me: “Dad, can I go out with my friends”

Dad: “Go ask your mom”

  • Me: “Mom can I go [out of the city/country] with my friends”.

Mom: “Of course you can once you are married”

  • “Light ka ana” (power is back on). That relief, happiness, satisfaction when the power comes back on after going out for hours on end!
  • Having Biryani on any occasion! Pakistanis just need an excuse to have biryani 😛
  • Collective love for Bollywood songs…. Jo teri khatir tadpe pehle si hi, kya usay tadpana, OOOO Zalimaaaaaaaa
  • Having a collection of them :’) and putting them around on streets on 14th August.
  • Over-dramatic aunties in your neighborhood who always have the most juiciest gossips about the neighbourhood children.
  • Aunties looking for brides for their sons in every mosque, wedding, parties, events and …funeral.
  • Showing up to your relatives or friends home without calling or informing them.
  • Over concerned mothers about their son being late at night and daughters being 5 minutes late from college/university/school/work.
  • Women bargaining with the sabzi wala, kapre wala, darzi …you name it.
  • Bikes
    • Pakistani boys and their love for riding a bike before their feet even reaches the foot-rest.
    • Riding one without a helmet
    • Taking your whole family on it. By that I mean, the father, the children and the mother.
    • Riding on the sidewalk, small lanes, between cars and trucks. In other words, they always seem to find a way through jammed packed streets.

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