Good manners…?

There are couple of good manners a person should possess and it will definitely bring a positive change in to your life.

1. Smile at a stranger, just a polite and warming smile. You never know it might make their day or lighten up someone having a bad day.

2. Making eye contact with the person talking to you or you are talking to, instead of being on device (cellphone, ipad etc.) which seems really disrespectful.

3. Don’t forget the golden words: please, thank you, and sorry.

4. Talk to everyone politely, and by that I mean everyone, including a waiter at a restaurant, or a taxi driver. Everyone deserves respect.

5. Don’t wait for someone to start the conversation, take the initiative to start it yourself. Be confident and be out there.

6. Respect your elders! I cannot emphasize that more, although, you may not like some habits they possess, however, it shows your good manners if you can show respect to them despite their flaws.

7. Return loan or money you borrowed from someone. Whenever, someone does a favour on you, pay it forward. For example, if someone pays for your coffee in the line, then pay it for the next person.

8. Cover your mouth when you are coughing or sneezing.

9. Do small things everyday. Pay a compliment to someone, or hold the door for someone, or help an elderly carry their bags and groceries.

Although the list is endless, but these are some really small changes you can make and if you can, you would definitely see a positive change in your life.

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