Becoming fluent in English

My English wasn’t really good when I first came to Canada. But then it improved over time through a lot of practice and patient. Here are some things I tried that may help you:
1. Read books: any fiction or non-fiction book you like. Just read.
2. Practice writing. Write a journal or article everyday on any topic you like, or maybe a review of the book or blog piece you read.
3. Communicate with others in English, especially, with people who are good in English. This way, they will correct your mistakes and help you improve your English.
4. Listen to English music, watch movies or watch videos. This will help improve your listening skills and understand English better. If it helps, try watching English movies with subtitles.

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1 thought on “Becoming fluent in English

  1. These are good suggestions. Too often immigrants cling to the comfort of familiar culture and language, and are insulted or embarrassed if someone corrects their English usage. Be careful to choose good-English users for mentors. We have immigrants who speak and write English (much) better than many who were born here. 🙂

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