Life tips?

In these two decades and innumerable experiences, some things I have learned and always try to remember is:

  • There are days in your life which are in your favour and days which are against you, so don’t be arrogant in your good days and don’t be hopeless during the bad ones. This too shall pass.
  • There will be tasks/insecurities/struggles that will weigh you down everyday to tell you “this is important”, “that is important”, but just sit down, take a deep breath and remember that your mental health is more important.
  • Don’t make your happiness conditional on someone’s presence, you never know when they will decide to leave you.
  • Maintaining a strong support system with your friends and family will always pay off.
  • Holding a grudge against someone occupies your mind and energy. Let it go. Karma will take care of it.
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1 thought on “Life tips?

  1. Welldone sister god bless you

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