Realizing things as you get older…?

  • Grades are important for getting into a good university/college/graduate school but having the right skill set and connections is more important.
  • Don’t share your problems with everyone, there are only some genuinely interested in sympathizing with you…and most of them will gossip about it.
  • Be kind to everyone because everyone out there is fighting their own battle (not to sound cliche) but everyone is dealing with their own insecurities, sadness, health and financial problems.
  • Holding a grudge against someone will only make you sad, harm your mental health and hold you back from progressing
  • Build a good relationship with your siblings, they are the people who will genuinely care for you after your parents.
  • Go with your gut feeling. It will never astray you.
  • Beauty is not pain, losing beauty is.
  • If you see people positively, you behave in ways that bring out the best.

On a lighter note

  • Green peppers don’t make a good pizza topping.


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