Dear Readers, I am sorry for promising to post often and then end up not keeping it. I have been trying to get many things done this summer that I won’t otherwise get time to do in the school year. I have recently been travelling to local tourist attractions in my area and I must … More

Time to take a break?

Dear readers, It feels great to be finally done with my summer course. Although, I am taking another course, but it’s not too hectic. But finally after two years, it feels great to have some time off from school, and just to take a break.


“Every positive thought is a silent prayer, which will change your life” ~Anon One of the biggest blessings and a life-changing action is to start having positive thoughts. Although, “think positively” is an overused statement, but it does hold quite a meaning to it and for those who understand it, benefit from it. It is … More Optimism