Time to take a break?

Dear readers, It feels great to be finally done with my summer course. Although, I am taking another course, but it’s not too hectic. But finally after two years, it feels great to have some time off from school, and just to take a break.


Oh boy! This first semester of second year was a crazy ride, more like a roller coaster. Managing my studies, with a work-study position, two volunteer roles, and other personal commitments has been one of the most tough experiences uptil now. It’s often hard to prioritize things when there is so much to do and you … More Accomplishment


2:00 am, slow music, and a quite night. Perfectly the kind of environment I need to reflect and write. With second year coming up, I am overwhelmed about so many things, from academics to extra-circulars. Sometimes I am worried if I am over-involved cause I do feel like it with the amount of things I … More Overwhelmed


There are moments when you can’t help but feel so down! Everything seems to be going downhill, and trying to battle against these downfalls seem to make the situation worse. Sometimes, I feel like it’s just a phase and “this too shall pass”. This is how I give myself the hope to move on, but … More Downhill